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Bootloader for a firmware update from an SD card

     If you want to make your own Unicard, you must load bootloader into the Unicard for a firmware update from an SD card. The DFU file (a binary file for loading the bootloader for a firmware update from an SD card) is available along with the source codes of the firmware Unicard on sourceforge:

DFU binary file of the bootloader.
DFU downloader for OS Windows.

Loading the DFU file

  • needed software:
    • Windows XP or newer
    • the .dfu file
    • DFU downloader for OS Windows
  • needed hardware:
    • an assembled Unicard
    • a connecting cable USB-A/miniB
    • a PC with Windows and USB
    • 1 jumper
  • description of loading the bootloader into a Unicard:
    • install DFU downloader for Windows
    • on the card itself, connect the pins labeled “BOOT” with the jumper
    • connect the card to PC using a USB-A/miniB cable
    • Windows will offer a driver installation, let it install automatically. If the drivers do not install automatically, install them manually from the DFU downloader folder.
    • After the driver is installed, disconnect and reconnect the card to the USB
    • From the program selection, run program … Program Files / STMicroelectronics / DfuSe / DfuSeDemo
    • After running the program, all you care about is the frame in the bottom right called “Upgrade or Verify Action”
    • Tick “Verify after download”
    • Click on the icon at the bottom called “Choose…”
    • Select the file with the bootloader (UNICARDmk3_IAP.dfu) and select open
    • Back in the program click on “Upgrade” at the bottom
    • If a message shows up with the message “Verify successful!” you are done
    • Disconnect the USB cable, remove the BOOT connection and you can put your card into a Sharp
    • After loading the bootloader you also have to load firmware into the Unicard

Guide with pictures for DfuSeDemo version 3.0.6

  • Connect the JUMPER labelled BOOT.
  • After installing the drivers “STM Device in DFU Mode” will appear in the device manager.
  • In “Available DFU Devices” we pick “STM Device in DFU Mode” and tick “Verify after download”.
  • Using the button “Choose” (1.) we load a DFU file. “File correctly loaded.” should appear in the information panel (2.).
  • After selecting buttons “Upgrade” and then “Yes” on the confirmation dialogue, the DFU file will run.
  • On the information panel you should be able to see the individual phases of the DFU file loading - “Erase Phase”.
  • On the information panel you should be able to see the individual phases of the DFU file loading - “Download Phase”.
  • After successfully loading the DFU file “Verify successful!” message should appear in the information panel.


When updating firmware MZ_ID firmware is not checked (to still allow the option of changing the Unicard firmware from one type of computer to another). Incorrectly matching firmware with a computer, on which the Unicard update is being done can damage your device.

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