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HTTP Server

10/100 Mbit Ethernet

     The Unicard firmware contains pieces of code that create an interface for connecting to the Unicard using several communication channels. One of these interfaces is a web server. The settings of the Unicard parameters for web configuration are controlled by a CFG file. A more detailed description of CFG files, including the one for setting up the parameters for web configuration, are here Emulated Peripherals. The current web parameter values can be seen using another communication interface with a USARTShell utility UniUSARTShell.

The Introduction Page

     After entering the IP address of the Unicard, you will see and introduction page depending on the type of MZ computer you are using. The functions available through the HTTP interface of the Unicard are the same for all computer types.

  • Introduction page MZ-800
  • Introduction page MZ-1500

Supported Functions

     HTTP interface of the Unicard supports the following functions:

Viewing the current settings of the Unicard parameters

  • List of current settings
  • MZ-800
  • MZ-1500

Setting current date and time

  • RTC settings
  • All types of MZ computers with a Unicard

Viewing the contents of an SD card in the Unicard

  • Micro SD card file system
  • All types of MZ computers with a Unicard

Screenshot of the computer screen

  • VGA output
  • All types of MZ computers with a Unicard
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