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Unicard mk3b

Unicard is a card for computers SHARP MZ-700, MZ-800 or MZ-1500 which allows for easy running of MZF/MZT files from a microSD card, emulating standard SHARP peripherals (FDD, QD, RAM, …) and allowing for a VGA output, as well as other outputs (USB, RS-232, Ethernet, PS/2, audio).

Current Unicard version Mk3b

Running MZF/MZT files from a microSD card is done by the Unicard Manager, which runs itself directly from the Unicard. The card can emulate standard SHARP peripherals, such as Quick Disk, various RAM disks (RAM, SRAM, SROM, EMM), a controller with 4 floppy disk drives, a serial interface, a KANJI and dictionary card and some newly created peripherals, such as an arithmetic unit ALU, RTC and potentially more, because the firmware is still being updated. The Unicard offers several communication interfaces (Ethernet - HTTP server, USB and RS-232 - USARTShell, 8-bit API MZFRepo). Thanks to the efficient MPU STM32F429 used, the number of parts is minimal and the card allows for an image output on VGA using GDG internal emulation.

The configuration of the Unicard, the emulated peripherals, as well as firmware updates are done through files on the microSD card in the FAT32 format. MZF/MZT files are also saved on the microSD card so they can be run directly, possibly also images of floppy disks, quick disks, RAM disks and so on.

The first Unicard was developed by Michal Hučík and Václav Peroutka. They were later followed by Bohumil Nováček (NOBOMI), who used a more powerful MPU, removed the CPLD and added the option to emulate video on VGA. The last version Mk3b has been used since the year 2014 and, even though the firmware was expanded on significantly (Michal Medek contributed a lot to the recent developments), is still in its base functions compatible with the original Unicard by Michal Hučík a Vašek Peroutka.

First Generation Unicard

The first Unicard by Michal Hučík and Václav Peroutka, version ATMega (development was stopped). The source codes and schemas are available through SVN on sourceforge.

Second Generation Unicard

The second Unicard by Michal Hučík and Václav Peroutka, version STM32F101.

Second Generation Unicard

Third Generation Unicard

The third Unicard by Michal Hučík and Václav Peroutka marked UNICARDmk3, version STM32F407VE.

Third Generation Unicard

Innovated Third Generation Unicard

The innovated third generation of the Unicard marked UNICARDmk3b, version STM32F429VGT6.

The link to sourceforge leads to the original firmware, which was since then moved to GIT and significantly updated. Access is available on request.

Prototype of the innovated third generation Unicard
Innovated third generation Unicard

Prototype of the Third Generation Unicard Innovated for MZ-700

The innovated third version of the Unicard marked UNICARDmk3c, version in preparation for MZ-700.

Prototype of the third generation Unicard innovated for MZ-700

Special Thanks to

  • Michal Hučík,Václav Peroutka - for the invention, creation of the 1st and the 2nd version of the Unicard, its firmware and Unimanager
  • Martin Lukášek - for his patience, his help with creating the Unicard dokuwiki, for allowing us to take information from the articles on his website, for an in-depth description of the Unicard and of course for many other things, whose listing would take much more than the capacity of this dokuwiki could handle and which will therefore not be mentioned here ;-)
  • Michal Medek - for long phone calls full of valuable information, HW, SW and FW ;-)
  • Bohumil Nováček - for his great ideas on new HW, which makes others happy, SW and FW ;-)
  • Adam Tušer - thanks to his patience with his dad and language skills, these pages were translated into English without any great sacrifices on my part.

Sources of Information

If you have any suggestions for improving the webpages or find any errors, let me know at uunek“at”yahoo“dot”com

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